Strata Managers, Building Managers, Committees and residents need reliable, user-friendly and effective security systems.


A trustworthy security system guarantees the safety of residents and visitors on Strata grounds, and must be a top priority for Strata Managers, residents and committees. The security system should be reliable and easy to use, with optimal functionality. Faults, if any, must be resolved quickly and efficiently.
When it comes to security our role is to make the job of the Strata Manager and Building Manager as effortless as possible.


Access Control provides a greater level of security by ensuring that access to areas are granted according to a schedule.
Today’s Access Control Systems can manage auto locking of common areas such as roof top terraces, pool areas and gymnasiums.

  • Total control of credentials, users and access levels
  • Time-zone programming
  • Easy to replace key-fobs and disable if they are lost or stolen
  • Ask about our Remote Management Solution – providing cost effective key management.


Today’s CCTV systems provide security for Strata residents by protecting against theft and malicious damage, as well as protecting Strata Agents from false insurance claims.
CCTV cameras can cover all common areas including lobbies and entrance areas, garbage rooms and carparks. They can record intruders, and ensure tenant and resident compliance with strata regulations and by-laws.


Our technicians specialise in retrofits and upgrades.
Digital intercom upgrades are ideal for Strata buildings as the existing cables can be used. Only two wires are needed to run the digital systems. This is particularly useful when some of the existing wiring is failing as there are always spare wires available.

  • Ease of install with 2 wire upgrades
  • Audio and video available including flat screen LCD monitors
  • Range of entry stations available including stainless steel or glass entry stations


To ensure effective surveillance and security, alarm monitoring solutions can be integrated with your security systems. These services are designed to maintain your building’s integrity and to ensure that someone is on call and monitoring your security system even when there is no-one present.